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Strengthening Immunity

Bob Ligon 13Immune system strength is measured by the body’s ability to maintain equilibrium of vital functions and to respond to extraordinary challenges to that equilibrium. There are several perspectives on what comprises the immune system. Part one focuses on the physical practices regarding immune system strength, while part two addresses the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects....<READ MORE>

Learning to Listen to a Greater Knowing

Tom Monte 17 head 2

In the summer of 1985, I found myself driving on a busy boulevard in Los Angeles looking for a street that would eventually lead me to the home of Lorne Greene, the actor who starred in the long-running television series, Bonanza. The reason for my visit with Greene was that I was writing a biography of Nathan Pritikin, who had healed tens of thousands of people of life-threatening illnesses with a plant-based diet and a gentle exercise program. Lorne Greene was among the many people whom Nathan had helped; he was also one of Nathan’s earliest supporters....<READ MORE>

Comprehensive Definition of Macrobiotics

Denny Waxman

We are currently endeavoring to create a comprehensive definition of macrobiotics that experienced practitioners can agree on. It is our hope that this definition is broad enough to encompass all of the practice, and allows everyone to expound on the definition with his/her particular expression, interpretation, and focus. Our goal is for anyone searching the web to find the same definition. This would be a major step towards a broader acceptance and understanding of macrobiotic practice....<READ MORE>

Interview with Michio Kushi

Michio kushi

The first thing people should do is to heal themselves, second heal family, third heal society, fourth heal the country, fifth the whole world. To that order. And then always keeping the beginners mind and humbleness to order of the universe and humbleness to all natural phenomenon. Humbleness to all people. To all animals. All plants. We can’t make them, so we should be humble and modest.....<READ MORE>

I Love My Life!


I started macrobiotics in order to overcome cancer. I was diagnosed in 93, but the symptoms started showing in 91. I was constantly tired and had a low fever. Right before then, I lost my father to cancer. I was busy trying to help my family in a difficult situation. My uncle tried to steal my father’s company, and my mom was very emotionally disturbed. She got sick and passed also. It was very stressful.... <READ MORE>

Transmutation—Reality or Macrobiotic Fairy Tale?

matthias 14 color

A recent Quantum Rabbit experiment provides evidence that contamination, not transmutation played a major role in it, and seriously calls in question all the experiments that have been performed at the Quantum Rabbit Laboratory so far. Standard Physics tells us that low energy nuclear transmutation as it has been suggested in the context of macrobiotics is not possible. If the experiments at Quantum Rabbit had found any convincing evidence of it, it could thus have challenged the conventional scientific understanding. It appears that at least so far that goal has not been achieved.... <READ MORE>


Alkaline Water: Miracle or Hoax?

carl ferreAn alkaline-water craze has swept parts of the United States over the past few years. Many websites have appeared promising miracle cures for many diseases just by drinking alkaline water. These have been followed by articles from scientists who maintain that alkaline water is nothing more than an elaborate hoax to sell expensive machines and other products. This article examines the pros and cons of acid-alkaline theory in general and alkaline water in particular.... <READ MORE>

Arsenic in Brown Rice


Arsenic is a naturally occurring element on earth, but due to many reasons, has found its way into the food supply in amounts higher than what nature would provide. The November 2012 article by Consumers Reports magazine about arsenic in rice has caused public outcry about food contamination. Countless articles have appeared on national news, the Internet, and in print. Recommendations abound from those who say to avoid brown rice completely to others who state there is no need for any dietary change.... <READ MORE>

Loving People Without Judging

Jessica-porter-12Men have bigger sex and aggression centers of their brain, whereas women have bigger emotional and communication centers of their brains. Another difference is that men and women process stress differently. Women process stress through the parasympathetic nervous system...our first inclination is to retreat, go to sleep, throw up, or even faint. We want to check out. When men feel extreme stress, they are squeezed by the sympathetic nervous system, and there is almost a positive charge. They rise to the challenge.... <READ MORE>

From Consciousness to Being Present

bill-shurtleff-11Why did Ohsawa come to the West? We completely missed it. Instead of seeing what he was trying to point us to, we ended up seeing food. Maybe that is what we needed to see; it wasn't too long before other people came who helped people focus on the non-dual things...So in a sense you can say that George Ohsawa was a harbinger of things to come.... <READ MORE>

Gluten-Free Breakfasts


We have all heard the adage, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." While this is certainly true, please do not think for a second that going gluten-free means you have to miss out on a thing. In fact, it's just the opposite. There is no need for boredom...Eating gluten-free is a great reason to get out of the same old oatmeal-and-raisins routine (includes 11 delicious recipes).... <READ MORE>

Converting Your Friends


We all have them. People close to us—friends, relatives, children—whom we shudder upon viewing their cupboards...As we all have learned at one point or another, getting on your soapbox can have disastrous consequences. There is an art to changing opinion, and, how you approach your brethren can make all the difference between getting results or getting sent out of the kitchen to watch the game with all the other people who were deemed a distraction to the dinner agenda..... <READ MORE>

Surviving Harmful Radiation


Whenever manmade plutonium or other radioactive substances are released into the atmosphere, it affects every one of us. Right now, the radiation disaster in Japan is in the news and on everyone's mind; however, radiation is actually more prevalent than we realize.... <READ MORE>


Macrobiotics and Animal Foods

Carl FerreSo, my first suggestion would be to work on "change" and developing your judgment. In other words, rather than trying to fit yourself into the mold of standard advice, use macrobiotic principles for your own condition and purposes. Let's face it, some people include animal foods in their macrobiotic practice and others don't. Some people believe animal foods can be used in a healthy way. Other people believe animal foods other than seafood should be avoided completely.... <READ MORE>

The Brave New World of Genetic Chaos

Dennis Willmont 0307 aGMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a bigger pest than the pesticides they are trying to eradicate. They are destroying our genetic heritage. They are squelching genetic integrity. They are changing the food, the animals, and the human mind. In fact, the potentially destructive nature of the whole industry is one of chaos—chaos followed by more chaos.... <READ MORE> 

There's Yin in My Yang

Carl Ferre

In order to practice macrobiotics some sense of yin/yang theory is required. Otherwise, we are merely following a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid. This is not true macrobiotics—no matter how well we follow the prescribed lists. True macrobiotic practice involves making choices based on macrobiotic principles. One of the fundamental principles is yin/yang theory.... <READ MORE>

The New Essence of Macrobiotics


Many years ago I gave a lecture on the essence of macrobiotics. Since then I have changed, so this time the essence is a different essence. Sometimes essence changes, too. What I want to tell you is my experience in macrobiotics and what I learned from Ohsawa. Maybe you can use several of these things in your study of macrobiotics. There are two sides to macrobiotics.... <READ MORE>

French Meadows Magic

Carl FerreFrench Meadows is a magical place. Some people think the magic comes from the warmth and energy of organic food cooked over wood-burning fire pits. Others think it's the change in blood quality from being at 5,400 feet and from being away from electricity.... <READ MORE> 


Changing Macrobiotics with the Times

Patrick camp 07 color2It is my belief that each of us has a destiny to fulfill in this lifetime. There is a reason why we are on this earth. When we are children, purpose and reason aren't important to us. We exist and if we are lucky we enjoy ourselves and perhaps even learn something about life.... <READ MORE> 


Macrobiotic Kids' Parties

0504 kim and baby aWe live in a large suburb, my daughter attends a nice private school, and we have family close by so parties and "special occasions" come up nearly every weekend. It makes the out-of-the-ordinary into the everyday.... <READ MORE>


Dr. Spock Remembered

Patrick camp 07 color2We are here today to celebrate — the 101st birthday of one of the most influential men of the last century and the most recent edition of his most powerful book, Baby and Childcare. Dr. Spock’s story is well known.... <READ MORE> 




Why I Quit the Macrobiotic Diet

Carl FerreThe macrobiotic diet didn’t work for me. I was more faithful than most people I know. I followed the standard recommendations completely and strictly excluded foods on the “avoid” list. After several years of following a standard macrobiotic approach, however, I had little energy, couldn’t run, and had several sicknesses. I was left with a perplexing question: Was my condition the result of improper practice or a diet that doesn’t work?.... <READ MORE>

Fatal Flaws in Macrobiotics

Carl FerreSeveral weeks ago I received a call from someone asking why several macrobiotic teachers have died from degenerative diseases. During our conversation he mentioned that he had charted these ... and he noted that the average age of death was less than the national average.... <READ MORE> 


The Road to French Meadows

David and Cindy 03When you leave the main highway and find yourself upon the side road that leads into the camp, you discover stillness. It invites you in as the trees take your gaze and lift it branch by branch up to the highest sky until you are flying with a bird that has found freedom there.... <READ MORE>


Origins of West Coast Macrobiotics

Carl Ferre

The spark that ignited macrobiotic activity in the United States was George and Lima Ohsawa’s first visit to the United States late in 1959. After arriving in New York in late November and staying for about a week, Ohsawa traveled to California and gave lecturesin Los Angeles and San Francisco. Tommy Nakayama was one of Ohsawa’s students who moved to the U.S. in 1952. He hosted George and Lima in Los Angeles and organized lectures and cooking classes for them. Ohsawa also searched for a reliable source of brown rice and discovered the Koda Brothers in Dos Palos, California. These introductions to macrobiotic thinking planted the seed for macrobiotic development on the West Coast.... <READ MORE>

A Tribute to Patrick McCarty

Patrick camp 07 color2He was an inspirational teacher and healer. He could give you the theory and the practical application in an entertaining and useful way ... he'd give you a treatment and some dietary suggestions. And when he was done, you were a new person with new energy. He gave you hope as well as the tools to transform your own life....<READ MORE> 


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