Macrobiotics Today, Nov/Dec 2008

A printed copy of the November/December 2008 issue.
Macrobiotics Today, Nov/Dec 2008Macrobiotics Today, Nov/Dec 2008
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Features for November/December 2008

Looking Back
A Reflective Critique of Macrobiotic Practice

Murray Snyder

The Magic of French Meadows
Carl Ferré, photos by Gerard Lum

Making Your Own Natural Beauty Products—It’s Easy
Carol Anne Wasserman

How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?
Mary J. Lore, author of Managing Thought

Macrobiotics Beyond Food
Beginning Series, Part 6
Julia Ferré

Energetics of Foods for Health and Healing
Susan Kreiger, L.Ac.

Books Deserving of Preserving
Carl Ferré

Brilliant Breakfasts
Text and recipes from Eat Me Now!
Melanie Brown Waxman

Editor’s Notes
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