Macrobiotics Today, Nov/Dec 2007

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Macrobiotics Today, Nov/Dec 2007Macrobiotics Today, Nov/Dec 2007
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Features for November / December 2007

Searching for Macrobiotic Values in a Post 9/11 World

Phiya Kushi


Radiate at French Meadows

with Photos by Gerard Lum

Carl Ferré


First French Meadows Camp

from The Macrobiotic, Volume 10, number 3, 1970

Bill French


Give and Take Cycle

Keys to Life’s Secrets, Part 2

Carl Ferré


Adapt, Unify, and Accept

Keys to Life’s Secrets, Part 3

Carl Ferré

Power of the Umeboshi Plum

Cynthia Vann


Helpful Teas for the Holidays

from Cornellia Aihara


Vegetables at Every Meal

French Meadows Favorites, Part 7

Julia Ferré



Editor’s Notes


Shiitake Jones: Meeting Ken’s Parents

Natural Living Directory

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