Macrobiotics Today, Mar/Apr 2009

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Macrobiotics Today, Mar/Apr 2009Macrobiotics Today, Mar/Apr 2009
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Features for March/April 2009

How to Determine Your Condition
Acid and Alkaline, Part 2

Carl Ferré

Planting a Seed of Macrobiotics
Sanae Suzuki

In Memory of Herman Aihara
Gerry Maguire Thompson

Healing Power
Herman Aihara

from Practical Guide to Far Eastern Macrobiotic Medicine

Lima Ohsawa

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Macrobiotically
Chuck Pease

Alfalfa Sprout Ideology
Some Research on Raw-Foods Diet Therapy

Verne Varona

From “Ribs” to Cookies
Packy Conway and James Brunkow

Making a Difference through Cooking
An Interview with Susanne Jensen
Gerard Lum

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