Macrobiotics Today, Mar/Apr 2008

A printed copy of the March/April 2008 issue.
Macrobiotics Today, Mar/Apr 2008Macrobiotics Today, Mar/Apr 2008
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Features for March/April 2008

Interview with Michio Kushi

Tom Monte


The Lisbon Teachers’ Conference

Plus: The Future of Macrobiotics by Micheal Rossoff

Bill Tara


How Much Iron?

An Introduction to Iron Toxicology, Part 2

Jym Moon, PhD


What is Macrobiotics?

Beginning Series, Part 2

Julia Ferré


Opportunity Knocks

Shiitake Jones by Ilanit Tof and Gary Miller


Farmers’ Market Spring Vegetable Favorites...Delicious Recipes Too!

Carol Anne Wasserman



Editor’s Notes


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