About Carl and Julia

Carl and JuliaCarl Ferré has studied macrobiotic principles since beginning his practice in 1975. He began work at the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation in 1978. He is the current President of the Foundation, editor of Macrobiotics Today magazine, and directed the French Meadows Summer Camps for 37 years. Carl is author of Essential Guide to Macrobiotics, Acid Alkaline Companion, and compiler of Essential Ohsawa. He and family live in Chico, California.

Julia Ferré, CHT is a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master, and an integrative facilitator in helping to enable consciousness. Her work includes personal one-on-one sessions, group sessions, workshops, and writing for a worldwide audience. Julia has received certification from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) and Sylvia Browne and offers sessions for energy, attunement, and personal growth. She is author of the newly released Food and Intuition 101, Basic Macrobiotic Cooking, and French Meadows Cookbook. Julia and husband, Carl Ferré, manage the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation and write for and publish Macrobiotics Today magazine. Julia lives in northern California with her family. For more information, see: www.JuliaFerre.com or www.EastWestMacrobiotics.com

Special Members

Special Members of the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation consist of those persons who are members of the Foundation and who are elected to Special Membership by the Board of Directors. The criteria for selecting Special Members of the Foundation are:

1. contact with the Foundation for at least five years unless special circumstances apply;

2. has demonstrated a willingness to help and support the Foundation either in time spent or financially;

3. has some area of expertise that would be beneficial to the Foundation, especially if less than five years contact with the Foundation; and

4. has no apparent or perceived conflict of interest with the Foundation.

Here is a current list of Special Members:

Nancy Adler of New York, NY

Michael Bauce of Berkeley, CA

Sean Braniff of San Rafael, CA

Michael Brown of Walnut Creek, CA

James Brunkow of Portland, OR

Kelsey Brunkow of Portland, OR

Robert Carr, Jr of Cleveland, OH

David Catron of Brazil

Maria Chen of Seattle, WA

Michael Chen of Seattle, WA

Michael Clennan of Houston, TX

Michele Clifford of Vancouver, BC

Packy Conway of Portland, OR

Carl Ferre of Chico, CA

Julia Ferre of Chico, CA

Gus Ferre of Grass Valley, CA

Nels Ferre of Chico, CA

Peter Fraser of FL

Bob Fritz of Muncie, IN

Tim Galanek of Emeryville, CA

Karen Garvey of Culver City, CA

Susan Haase of Las Vegas, NV

Francine Harper of Westland, MI

Joel Huckins of Mesa, AZ

Susanne Jensen of San Francisco, CA

Andy Johns of El Sobrante, CA

Regina Izyderczak of Darmstadt, Germany

Sue Hunter of Frazer Park, CA

Beth Kaufman of Philadelphia, PA

Kathy Keller of San Francisco, CA

Dan Lennox of Santa Rosa, CA

Bob Ligon of Cuyahoga, OH

Kathy Ligon of Cuyahoga, OH

Kerry Loeb of Fairfax, CA

Mary J. Lore of West Bloomfield, MI

Chuck Lowery of Oceanside, CA

Gerard Lum of Mountain View, CA

Gracie Malley of Berkeley, CA

Karen Malley of Anaheim, CA

Neil Malley of Anaheim, CA

Saci McDonald of San Rafael, CA

Peter Milbury of Chico, CA

Anita Miner of Salt Lake City, UT

Friedmar Moch of Darmstadt, Germany

Robert Nissenbaum of Emerald Hills, CA

Missy Peebles of El Cerrito, CA

Michael Potter of Clinton, MI

Pete Pulis of Belmont, CA

Fred Pulver of Carbondale, CO

Jean Richardson of San Diego, CA

Michael Rossoff of Asheville, NC

Bob Ruggles of Oroville, CA

Alice Salinero of Santa Cruz, CA

Sue Shimmon of Truckee, CA

Lino Stanchich of Asheville, NC

Laura Stec of Portola Valley, CA

Kathy Swasey of San Diego, CA

George Sweet of Oroville, CA

Hugh Tinling of Salyer, CA

Shirley Tung of Phoenix, AZ

Cynthia Vann of Prescott, AZ

Verne Varona of Miami, FL

Mark Vilkaitis of Rockville, MD

Kazuko Yagi of Chico, CA

Marketa Zeleznikova of Chicago, IL

Board of Directors

The George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation currently has 5 Board of Directors.

Packy Conway of Portland, OR

Carl Ferre of Chico, CA

Tim Galanek of Emeryville, CA

Dan Lennox of Santa Rosa, CA

Bob Ligon of Cuyahoga, OH