Food and Intuition 101: Combo Special

by Julia Ferre. Order BOTH VOLUMES of these comprehensive guidelines to help you determine healthy dietary choices, cultivate your unconscious, and facilitate your intuition AND SAVE.
Food and Intuition 101: ComboFood and Intuition 101: Combo
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Using the tools in this book, you can change your lifeā€”based on your uniqueness and individual needs. Unlike navigating complex approaches focused on health, weight loss, animal rights, and so on, when you rely on your intuition you make choices based on internal guidance rather than the latest trend.

Acid Alkaline Companion Preview

241 pages, prefectbound, 6 x 9 * First edition 2013 * ISBN 978-0-918860-70-5 * tables * Book $17.95 * PDF $7.00.

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