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Macrobiotics Today Magazine

Brief History

mbt050612bMacrobiotics Today magazine is in its 51st year of continuous publication. George Ohsawa and Herman Aihara founded the original publication in 1960 in New York City. In 1961, Herman Aihara moved to California and helped establish the Ohsawa Foundation, which published Macrobiotics Today as a monthly magazine through most of the 1960s. Since 1971, the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation has published Macrobiotics Today.

Currently, Macrobiotics Today is published on a quarterly basis with a cover price of $6.95 per copy for a current mailed copy and $4.00 for current PDF download. Note that issues over 1-year old are $3.00 each for either a mailed or PDF copy.

Issue Highlights

mbt070812Macrobiotics Today is the leading voice of modern macrobiotics with informative articles, interviews, and reports representing diverse views in the macrobiotic community. Steeped in the George Ohsawa tradition, Macrobiotics Today provides issues, information, and articles on diet, health, and environmental consciousness from a macrobiotic perspective that combine traditional macrobiotic views on physical, emotional, and spiritual health with contemporary thinking and scientific knowledge.

Macrobiotics Today has presented articles by George Ohsawa, Michio Kushi, Herman Aihara, Tom Monte, Michael Rossoff, Lino Stanchich, Jym Moon, PhD, Verne Varona, Denny Waxman, Jan and John Belleme, Carl and Julia Ferré, Melanie Waxman, David and Cynthia Briscoe, Dennis Willmont, Fred Pulver, Meredith McCarty, Christina Pirello, Edward Esko, Carol Anne Wasserman, and others. Each issue contains a cooking article with plenty of recipes along with articles on healing and usable philosophy.


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