Ohsawa Principles

George Ohsawa presented universal principles upon which macrobiotic philosophy is based. The following principles are adapted from Essential Ohsawa<CLICK HERE> to view a six-page PDF of these principles.

The Order of the Universe describes how we manifested from the Infinite and are continually nourished by it. This order also shows that the finite, relative world in which we live comes from and is nourished by the beginningless and endless Infinite.

The Seven Stages of Judgment give us a roadmap for realizing our union with Infinite. These stages provide a method for measuring our level of judgment in our daily actions and our progress in our unfolding development.

The Twelve Theorems of the Unique Principle and the Seven Laws of the Order of the Universe are useful tools for making daily decisions. They are simple and complex at the same time. Examples are shown on page 4.

The Seven Conditions of Health and the Seven Stages of Sickness show us our current condition and need for further study and practice. The pages conclude with quotes from Ohsawa's inspiration writings. 

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Ohsawa Websites

Note: The links to these sites no longer work. We will update them once we find the correct URLs.

There are three websites that contain extended information on George Ohsawa and his teachings. Ohsawa wrote in Japanese, French, and English and there is a website in each language providing information on Ohsawa's works.

ZenMacrobiotics.com is a tribute to George Ohsawa that contains previews of his books that are available in English along with photographs and a recording of Ohsawa giving a lecture in English in 1965 (click on the Gallery tab).

The Sakurazawa (Ohsawa) Library is a website of CI Japan Association and is in Japanese. Use Google Translate to translate it to English (if needed).

Librairie Georges Ohsawa is a website of Centre International Macrobiotique Ohsawa and is in French. Again, use Google Translate if needed. In addition to articles and letters, the site includes cassettes of Ohsawa speaking in French.