Getting Started with Macrobiotics

Here are some ideas for getting started or for improving a macrobiotic practice.

Essential-Guide1. If you know nothing (or very little) about macrobiotics, scroll down and read the articles in the Beginning Series and read Essential Guide to Macrobiotics by Carl Ferré. Then, see the list in #4 for additional book ideas.

2. Finding classes or someone to talk with in your area is helpful. E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us where you are—we will e-mail back with any contact persons we have. You can also search the links provided in the Resources section.

3. Begin a subscription to Macrobiotics Today magazine—the only magazine dedicated exclusively to providing macrobiotic news and information. Here's a link to current and past digital editionsSample articles may be found in the Macrobiotics Today section.

4. Here are the books we recommend for a basic macrobiotic library. Most are offered as a low-cost PDF download.




  • Essential Ohsawa by George Ohsawa, edited by Carl Ferré – The best book of Ohsawa writings. 
  • Acid and Alkaline, 5th Edition by Herman Aihara – Herman's groundbreaking book, more meaningful now than ever. 


If you have trouble opening any of the .pdf files, click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once downloaded, double-click on the file to install the Reader. You can then download and view any .pdf file.

Beginning Series by Julia Ferré

What Can Macrobiotics Do For You?


Macrobiotics can change your life. It can help you feel better and awaken new awareness. Many people attest to the trasformation they experience. Some people use macrobiotics to heal from illness...Other people talk of spirituality...Still others use macrobiotics to promote peace.... <READ MORE>


What is Macrobiotics?


A macrobiotic diet is one a per­son can adopt for a long time—for some people, a lifetime—as a means to improve quality of life. One of the underlying premises is that quality food creates health, health creates vi­tality, and vitality creates freedom—freedom from disease, freedom from pain, freedom to have peace of mind.... <READ MORE>


Where's the Nutrition?


If I’ve been asked once I’ve been asked a hundred times, “Where do you get protein?” or, Where do you get calcium?” To be fair, the ques­tions arise less these days as less peo­ple rely on animal foods for protein or calcium. Nevertheless the question remains, “Does a macrobiotic diet supply adequate nutrition?"... <READ MORE>


Does Macrobiotics Heal Disease?


Macrobiotics is a tool, a way to reju­venate, an application of ideas that help individuals become strong. This is where healing occurs. Healing hap­pens from internal strength and pow­er—some call it the immune system; some call it constitutional fortitude; some call it the grace of God.... <READ MORE>


What is the Philosophy of Macrobiotics?


Philosophy is the driving force behind macrobiotics. It pro­vides meaning for how to live, inspiration to change perspective and habits, and impetus to do cer­tain things and to avoid other things. It may seem—at first glance—that macrobiotics is only about diet, yet macrobiotics is more than food just as yoga is more than exercise.... <READ MORE>


Macrobiotics Beyond Food


Okay, I admit it—this series is more than a way to spell out why macrobiotics is other than diet. Sure, these six install­ments offer answers to questions about macrobiotics and hopefully en­lighten and inform. However, one of my goals is to share my love of great macrobiotic books.... <READ MORE>