Heaven and Nirvana, PDF

By Alexander Pappas. Fascinating, in-depth look at the major religions from the perspective of salvation or liberation. Includes a macrobiotic chapter on the spiritual teachings and principles of George Ohsawa.
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Duality and Nonduality in the World Religions

We are all on a journey of psychological and spiritual growth whether we are aware of it or not. Our journey will develop our consciousness (‘soul’) and provide us with ‘tools’ needed to deal with the inevitable existential dissatisfaction or suffering each one of us experiences. This book conveniently provides the orientation needed for this most important journey of our lives, the spiritual journey of awakening. The author’s approach to teaching the World Religions is unique. He teaches that virtually all religions are either dualistic paths of salvation (where we are separate from God) or nondual paths of liberation (where we are part of the oneness of the Absolute). Students and audiences have found this view exciting and clarifying compared to otherwise obscure concepts. Such clarity can facilitate the psychological and spiritual growth of the seeker.

How to Use This Book

It is best to read Part I (Journey) first; it is a ‘platform’ that gives context and clarity to the specific religions that follow. Parts II, III and IV do not need to be read sequentially; they contain the various religions and paths which can be selectively chosen.

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