Food and Intuition 101: Developing Intuition,PDF

by Julia Ferre. Comprehensive guidelines to help you determine healthy dietary choices, cultivate your unconscious, and facilitate your intuition. PDF download.
Food and Intuition 101: Developing Intuition, PDFFood and Intuition 101: Developing Intuition, PDF
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Intuition is a natural ability present in all humans. it helps a person live life rich in experience and meaning. Intuition impacts relationships, growth, and satisfaction. My desire in this book is to show you, through regular daily practice, that intuition is a living force within you, not only helping you choose appropriate food but in developing your full potential as a human being.

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241 pages, prefectbound, 6 x 9 * First edition 2013 * ISBN 978-0-918860-70-5 * tables * Book $17.95 * PDF $7.00.

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