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front George with glassBook Publishing—The Foundation publishes over 30 titles from classic writings by George Ohsawa and Herman Aihara to contemporary works by Carl and Julia Ferre and others.

Macrobiotics Today—the leading quarterly journal on macrobiotic theory and practice has been inspiring people around the world since 1960 and is available as a printed magazine or as a PDF download.

Membership—Become a member and receive a year's subscription to Macrobiotics Today, a 10% discount off book purchases, informational online mailings, and help spread macrobiotics throughout the world.

Getting Started—We provide many ideas for getting started with macrobiotics, including book suggestions and recipes.

Summer Camp—The French Meadows Summer Camps we conducted for 47 years are now run by the Vegetarian Educational Institute as Happy Healthy Retreats. Click Here to go to their website.