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Macrobiotic Education: FM at Camp Sylvester

rotation-lecture-1The major emphasis of French Meadows Summer Camp is education.

The daily schedule includes lectures, cooking classes, workshops, and exercise classes. All sessions encourage participation, dialogue, and questions.

We are happy to announce our new indoor cooking classes, planned daily for the run of camp. Be sure to check them out.

Click here to view, copy, or print a copy of the 2016 class schedule.

Click here to view, copy, or print a copy of the 2016 full lecture book with class descriptions.

Camp schedules are subject to change at any time without notice. Reserve Now!

Macrobiotic Lectures: What's New and Exciting?


The hallmark of our education program is daily lectures on macrobiotic theory and practice. Keynote speakers present macrobiotic thinking is new and exciting ways. Recent teachers have included Jessica Porter (shown), Phiya Kushi, Ronald Koetzsch, PhD, Denny Waxman, Lino Stanchich, Sanae Suzuki, Simon Brown, Meredith McCarty, Mary Lore, and many others. These presentations are designed to improve your understanding of macrobiotic principle leading to greater health and happiness.

Click here to see the list of 2016 presenters.

Also, each year there are impromptu meetings of people with like interests, ranging from informal gatherings to organized classes. A message board in the registration area facilitates organization of these meetings.

NEW! Daily Indoor Cooking Classes


Learn macrobiotic cooking from basic to advanced in our new cooking class program. World-class chefs will instruct you on everything from selecting quality ingredients to preparing meals that are both delicious and healthy.

Each class is ninety minutes and tasty samples are offered to all who attend the entire class. (Yes, you have to be there!) What better way to learn macrobiotic cooking than by getting a great afternoon snack?

Pictured here is Julia Ferré's highly popular parfait class outdoors at our prior location.

Our final schedule will include the class time, teachers, and themes. Be sure to check back.

Movement Classes: Get Yourself in Gear!


Daily movement class keep everyone active and in good shape. Classes range from Chi Gong and Yoga in the early morning to Shiatsu, Yoga, and Pilates in the afternoon. Pictured here is Yoga class.

All of the classes are nonsequential, allowing you to drop in on any of them without prior experience or knowledge. Each of the instructors provides a complete program if you choose to attend every session they teach. 

We will post a complete list of these classes when the schedule is confirmed.

Private Sessions and Counseling

shiatsu-c-09The accessibility of Health Counselors is one of the traditions of French Meadows. There are ample opportunities to schedule an in-depth health consultation, shiatsu treatment (like the one with Kerry Loeb pictured here), or other private session.

The natural setting of French Meadows at Camp Sylvester, away from the distractions of normal life, encourages total focus on health.

Private sessions are scheduled after arrival at camp with each instructor. Or, during check in, notify staff of your interest and we'll arrange a session for you.

Entertainment:Work, Study, Play!


New in 2016: We have a large indoor hall for Sue Hunter's legandary dance party. Sean Braniff (aka DJ Bran; pictured at left) will be providing the lights and music. You will not want to miss this once in a lifetime event! The party is scheduled for Saturday night, July 16, 2016. Even if you can't attend the entire camp, make your plans (and register early) because this night will fill fast.

The evening campfires feature an opening circle during which campers share their stories. We also host one of the best variety shows anywhere, and have a lighted stage for the first time ever!

Many people attend daytime classes and participate in swimming, volleyball, walking in the woods, and relaxing by the lake. Whatever you decide, there are many like-minded folks who will join you if you want. Click here for information on the numerous area attractions. You might plan your camp visit with time before or after at Yosemite National Park.

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