Children's Activities at French Meadows

rotation-kids-1We offer children's and youths' programs for ages three through twelve during the lecture times. Activities include arts and crafts, story time, swimming and other physical activities, and macrobiotic learning experiences such as discussions and cooking classes.

Bicycle helmets are recom-mended for all people, and required for those 16 and under, who ride bicycles within the camp boundaries.

The children receive snacks as part of the afternoon program. You are welcome to bring your own snacks, but we ask that your children eat them privately. Also, we ask that you check with the parents of other children before sharing snacks with them.

A proposed activity schedule (subject to change) is available in May upon request. Contact us before registering if you are bringing children under three years old, or with specific questions.

Cooking with Kids!

13-kids-cookingWhen children take part in preparing healthy food they are much more likely to become enthused about eating healthfully. Children will learn safety with (serrated) knives, how to cut vegetables and fruits, and how to easily prepare healthy food that tastes delicious. Recipes used are kid-friendly, kid-tested, culturally diverse and fun to create. All ingredients are organic, locally produced and seasonal.

Let your child discover how much fun cooking can be! Coooking instructor Michael Bauce has been giving cooking classes for kids since 1999 in Berkeley schools. Listen to an Interview with Michael Bauce that was heard on over 400 Westwood One stations.


13-avery-singingThe teens often attend classes and lectures, hang out with friends, swim at the reservoir, and/or work on drama for one of the variety shows. While there are staff persons available to work with them, the teens decide what they want to do and when.

Call or e-mail if you are planning to bring a teenager with you and want to know how many are in the group.


Work Exchange Program

Work exchange is available in the Chilcren's Activities and in the Kitchen.

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New to Macrobiotics?

We provide many ideas for getting started with macrobiotic, including recipes.

Macrobiotics is used for many purposes—from gaining strength to elevating consciousness—from Julia's beginning series to questions and answers.



Join us for the 46th annual French Meadows Summer Camp, July 4-12, 2015.