Essential Ohsawa, PDF

by George Ohsawa. The most comprehensive look at Ohsawa's philosophy ever presented.
Essential OhsawaEssential Ohsawa

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Essential Ohsawa, pdf




The most comprehensive look at Ohsawa’s philosophy ever presented, including the methods of simple, natural eating and drinking and the concepts of the Order of the Universe and yin and yang, plus photographs, anecdotes, a chronology of Ohsawa’s life, and a bibliography of his writings. This book is a must read for anyone interested in macrobiotic philosophy.

Acid Alkaline Companion Preview

238 pages, prefectbound, 6 x 9 * 1st edition 1994 * ISBN 0-918860-57-1 * charts, tables, index * Book $15.95 * PDF $7.00



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