Essential Guide to Macrobiotics, PDF

by Carl Ferre. Best introductory book on macrobiotic philosophy and diet. A revised and expanded version of Pocket Guide to Macrobiotics
Essential Guide to Macrobiotics, PDFEssential Guide to Macrobiotics, PDF

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This is one of the best introductory books on macrobiotic philosophy and diet uniting the three major expressions of macrobiotic teachings: George Ohsawa, Herman Aihara, and Michio Kushi. It is filled with useful and practical information—a must buy. A revised and expanded version of Pocket Guide to Macrobiotics.

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132 pages, prefectbound, 6 x 9 * Revised edition 2011 * ISBN 978-0-918860-66-8 * tables * Book $14.95 * PDF $5.00.

For a printed copy of this book, see Introductory.

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